BeGood Cafeのプロジェクト

Our mission is to protect the environment and promote lifestyle change.

About Us

Founded in January 1999 in Tokyo, BeGood Cafe is a non-profit organization that shares and promotes practical environmental information and knowledge. It embraces a diverse range of subjects, including spiritual workshops, live music, and vocal performances with the aim of building a more human and sustainable society for the world.

Over the past few years, interactive BeGood Cafe style activities have gained increasing recognition. They have spread nation-wide to more than 13 major cities.( Nagano, Osaka, Kyoto, Fukuoka, Miyazaki etc).

BeGood Cafe integrates activists and young people into the BeGood network to build momentum and lasting connectivity.

It is a gathering of people at the crossroads of different fields and expertise.
It offers solutions and strategies for restoring our Earth and communities.
It also hosts workshops and monthly educational sessions tailored to specific needs and to discussing controversial topics.
People come to BeGood Cafe to ;

* share their deep knowledge
* learn from forerunners and get inspired
* become empowered to shift their lifestyles to something more sustainable
* eat good organic food and listen to healing live music
* make friends and get connected to make the world a better place.
History of Topics at BeGood Cafe;

* Macrobiotics, Permaculture, Ecovillages, How to build an Eco House, Rudolf Steiner, Homeopathy etc.
Other Projects Involved;

* Ecovillage Resort "PICA Yamanakako"(near Mount Fuji) opening in July 2007.
* Open Air Car Cafe "Nature Cafe" at Tokyo Maurnouchi
* Orange Project (revitalizing the desolated orange farm with the local community)
* Eco events in collaboration with corporations as part of their corporate citizenship activities.(Toshiba, Nikkei Newspaper etc.)