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Daniel Lane Photogallery Oct, 2012


Oct, 2012


Factory Farming, Derbyshire, England

A battle is under way in the British countryside to fight off plans for massive factory farms that would house thousands of animals in industrialised units without access to traditional grazing or foraging. Animal welfare organisations fear the proposals are signs that a new intensive system of agriculture could soon replace the UK’s patchwork of 119,000 small livestock farms.


英国の農畜産業地域ではいま牧草地で草を食むことをさせず多数の牛を閉じ込めて飼う大規模畜産企業に対して、飼料をめぐる戦いが繰り広げられてい る。動物愛護団体は、新しい集約的畜産業が英国全土にちらばる119,000戸におよぶ小規模畜産農家を駆逐する兆候に危惧している。