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#06 Sunset


Our daily rhythms come to a close when we settle in our hanging chairs on the far west side of our house and we take time to watch the sunset. Mount Arayat is to the south west and is a massive sundial for a few weeks of the year, on the winter solstice the sun sets on the far left of the mountains foot, just amongst the trees.

Tonight we had an early dinner, Penelope had everything prepared and our whole day’s schedule was slightly off set due to an early visit of curious visitors who were eager to learn more about organic farming and permaculture.

So after a lovely Thai curry and cucumber salad, we went outside again to observe the array of colours we both love these breathtaking, soothing and romantic sunsets.

Seeing that we do this almost every day, there is a pattern that is starting to emerge. The clouds are filling the horizon with sculptures of horses, tortoises or celebrities like Abraham Lincoln before they transform into rimmed outlines that create the backdrop for nocturnal birds like the owls.

This evening, we were blessed with an amazing spiral glide, as the two owls who reside here were swerving closer in each loop that they flew, drawing closer and closer — we could almost touch them, and then, on the last second, they both drew to different corners of our rice fields.

Slowly the grey sky was transformed by blotted lines that make no sense as the bats fall like a squadron of fighter pilots from the roof of my workshop: Likha- this means to “create” in the Tagalog Pilipino language.

And so the day folds into the veil of night and serene darkness, our hearts are filled with joy and excitement as our wild family took the time to dance with us.