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Organic Market “ORANGE DAY” (english information)


Farmers’ Organic Market “ORANGE DAY” @ Aoyama

January 23 (Fri) – 24 (Sat), 2009 11:00 -16:00 at United Nations University (UNU) Forecourt

Today we are faced with a multitude of problems related to foodstuffs.

There are safety issues with chemical fertilizers, herbicides, pesticides and genetically modified products finding their way into our diet. There are also concerns regarding the environmental impact of importing food from abroad and virtual-water, and so on.
That said, the diffusion rate of organic foodstuffs in Japan is extremely low, presently accounting for a mere 1% of fresh fruit and vegetables. The United Nations University (UNU) in Aoyama can be the departure point for the first step in this journey. We ask your cooperation in making this dream a reality.

Date January 23 (Fri) – 24 (Sat), 2009 11:00 -16:00
Place United Nations University (UNU) Forecourt (5-53-70 Jingumae Shibuya-ku, Tokyo)
Omotesando station of Metro, B2 Exit MAP
Organize BeGood Cafe
Special Support United Nations University (UNU)
Support Zen-yu-kyo、IFOAM Japan、Odawara City, Earth Day Market, Peace Winds Japan, ARAI, ECO-PRODUCT2009,etc.

Market: Organic oranges, orange products, vegetables, organic cotton products, etc
Info: Information of food safety, organic certification standards and problems & solutions for Japanese agricultural sector
Cafe: Organic food and beverage service by PEACE DELI
Workshops: Mini-workshops for intro of organic lifestyle
Stage: 23rd Jan (Fri)
11:00-11:30 Music Live Tenku
11:45-12:15 Talk Show Mr.Toshihisa Ishiwata [Organic Farmer]   
12:30-13:00 Music Live Comugi
13:15-13:45 Music Live Tenku
14:00-14:30 Talk Show Mr. Tsuyoshi Maeda [Made In Earth President]
14:45-15:15 Music Live Comugi

24th Jan (Sat)
11:00-11:30 Music Live Jibukon
11:45-12:15 Talk Show Mr. Masanori Sato [NPO Polan Tokyo Vice President]
12:30-13:00 Music Live Tenku
13:00-13:15 Talk Show Professor Kazuhiko Takeuchi [Vice Rector of UNU]
13:15-13:45 Music Live Jibukon
14:00-14:30 Talk Show Mr. Shinji Yotsui [Soil Design President]
14:45-15:15 Music Live Tenku